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Warner Bros. is making a Tinder rom-com

Warner Bros. has picked up a movie called Worst Tinder Date Everaccording to The Hollywood Reporter. The movie will be written by Keith Merryman and David A. Newman, who also wrote the script for 2011's Friends with Benefits.

While "worst Tinder date ever" sounds like a parody of a movie pitch (maybe from the writers of Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates), it's obviously something studios are interested in. According to THR, the movie is a "rom-com with action elements" about a couple who go one disastrous Tinder date. It's still in the very early stages (no director or cast has been named yet). Besides the most obvious issue here (that this movie sounds like a nightmare) there's one more: it doesn't seem too unreasonable to think that another dating app could usurp Tinder before this movie even gets made.