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Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert reunited in the woods to ponder Trump's candidacy

The Republican National Convention is officially upon us, and two satirists have reunited to try to make some sense of the madness. Last night, Stephen Colbert mulled over how the country got to this historic place. "How did Donald Trump get the nomination?" he asked. "I know I can't explain it." So the host journeyed out to the woods to find none other than Jon Stewart, who these says has cultivated a love of kombucha. Neither of them could handle Trump's candidacy, so they summoned Colbert Report-era Stephen Colbert to hopefully handle what's ahead.

Stewart will be an ongoing presence on The Late Show over the next two weeks, as the show attempts to spin some comedy out of the Republican and Democratic conventions this month. Given how bizarre things have gotten even in the last few days — like Trump and VP hopeful Mike Pence's painful 60 Minutes interview or allegations that Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama — this reunion will likely be very fruitful for both comedians.