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Snapchat and Bitmoji team up to let you snap personal stickers

Snapchat and Bitmoji team up to let you snap personal stickers

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Snapchat just keeps adding new features. The company just announced that it has partnered with Bitmoji, the popular personal emoji startup, to let users snap or chat with their own custom stickers. It's only the latest move that Snapchat clearly hopes will keep users in the app while sharing with their friends.

All users need to do is start a Bitmoji account and create their own Bitmoji. Then, they can link that account to Snapchat. From there, users will be able to apply the Bitmoji (whether it's one for saying "Good morning!" or "I'm having a tough day!") to their snaps or to chats with friends. Two people with Bitmoji can also create Friendmoji, where two Bitmoji show up to share the same image.

Adding a little flair to personal milestones

The Bitmoji integration is only the latest feature added to the platform in recent weeks. Earlier this month, Snapchat unveiled Memories, a way of saving and sharing old snaps in a personal archive. As more and more people flock to Snapchat, it could be features like these that will get people to stick around, adding little bits of personal flair to the milestones in their lives.