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Nickelodeon will introduce its first same-sex married couple this week

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Nickelodeon is preparing to make history this week. Variety reports that the network's newest show, The Loud House, will feature the channel's first biracial same-sex married couple this week. The couple, Harold and Howard McBride, will be voiced by Wayne Brady and Michael McDonald, respectively, as the pair readies their son Clyde for a sleepover with series star Lincoln Loud.

An excerpt from the episode, "Overnight Success," shows the couple doting on Clyde at the Loud household. It's incredibly cute:

That the McBride family is presented like any other loving family is a welcome step forward on Nickelodeon's part. The last time an LGBT couple was shown on-screen, it was back in 2014 series finale of The Legend of Korra, wherein Korra kisses her friend Asami in the show's final sequence. It was a watershed moment for LGBT representation in Western children's television. However, their romance was never really made clear, and the moment was marred by Nickelodeon's decision to pull the final five episodes off the air and instead show them online. This year, things are clearly moving in the right direction.