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Comic-Con 2016 schedule: all the best panels to watch for

Comic-Con 2016 schedule: all the best panels to watch for

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San Diego Comic-Con is upon us once again. In case you've forgotten, this event is The Big One, where Hollywood meets geek culture in the loudest, craziest way possible. Over the next four days, studios, celebrities, and fans will converge on Southern California to celebrate everything related to comic books, genre fiction, and some of the biggest movies and TV shows of the decade, all in the name of getting a sneak peek at what's ahead. We'll be there covering it all (well, as much as we humanly can!) from the convention floor, to the parties, and beyond.

This is the main event

Hall H, as ever, is where the big news is going to break over the next few days. People camp out for days on end to see their favorite stars and watch exclusive trailers of movies — some of which the general public won't see for months, if at all. Thankfully, Lionsgate teamed up with Comic-Con to stream the best panels this year, making it much easier to catch the festivities. Since most major studios are sitting this year's convention out, Warner Bros. and Marvel will be the big draws, promising fans a glimpse of movies like Wonder Woman and Doctor Strange. But it's also Star Trek's 50th anniversary, so expect tons of news on the new movie and next year's CBS series.

Here's a list of the best panels we'll be covering. You can also stream the action here.

Thursday, July 21st

Snowden (Hall H)
11:45AM PST / 2:45PM ET

Silicon Valley Panel and Q&A (Indigo Ballroom)

Marvel's Luke Cage (Ballroom 20)
5:45PM PST / 8:45PM ET

Mr. Robot (Room 6BCF)

Friday, July 22nd

AMC's The Walking Dead (Hall H)

Game of Thrones Panel and Q&A (Hall H)
2:15PM PST / 5:15PM ET

Dark Horse: Conversation with Joss Whedon (Hall H)
3:45PM PST / 6:45PM ET

Saturday, July 23rd

Warner Bros. Pictures (Hall H)
11:30AM PST / 2:30PM ET

Star Trek 50th Anniversary (Hall H)

Aliens (Hall H)
3:15PM PST / 6:15PM ET

Marvel Studios (Hall H)
5:30PM PST / 8:30PM ET

Sunday, July 17th

Sherlock (Hall H)

Re-imagining Reality: Bringing Games Into the Real World with Ingress and Pokémon Go (Hall H)
1:45PM PST / 4:45PM ET

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