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Clinton campaign spends four hours listing Trump lawsuits on Facebook Live

Clinton campaign spends four hours listing Trump lawsuits on Facebook Live


And they still needed more time

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Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign took to Facebook Live on Tuesday to read out every lawsuit that Republican candidate Donald Trump has been involved in — all 5,500 of them. Opposition researchers for the presumptive Democratic nominee took turns reading the name of each lawsuit from a thick stack of papers yesterday, with one keeping tally on a whiteboard.

"We think Donald J. Trump's been involved in more than 5,500 lawsuits," the Clinton campaign said in its Facebook post. "We're going to try to read them all in under four hours."

"nothing to offer the American people"

The stunt, launched ahead of Trump's formal nomination at the Republican National Convention, is part of a broader campaign to discredit the candidate's business record, which has been a major selling point of his campaign. An analysis published by USA Today in June found that Trump and his various businesses have been involved in at least 3,500 lawsuits over the past three decades, including at least 70 that have been filed since he launched his presidential campaign last year. Clinton also attacked Trump's record and campaign promises in a speech in Las Vegas yesterday, saying that the Republican nominee has "nothing to offer the American people."

The Clinton campaign's Facebook Live event didn't make for the most enthralling of live streams, though it has attracted more than 600,000 viewers as of Wednesday morning. They apparently didn't have enough time, either, making it through more than 3,150 lawsuits in just under four hours.