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A makeup wizard transformed himself into Game of Thrones characters just for fun

A makeup wizard transformed himself into Game of Thrones characters just for fun

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Meet Paolo Ballesteros, who hosts the Filipino talkshow Eat Bulaga! and whose name rhymes with "Westeros" in an odd coincidence. He can transform himself into an uncanny lookalike for just about any female character on Game of Thrones.

Ballesteros says he begins the process by drawing the characters' features onto his face so that he can visualize the end product. Then he wipes the outlines off and goes back in with primer, foundation, eyeshadow, and contouring makeup. The wig comes last. It takes about half a day, from sketch to Instagram post.

The most important part of the transformation isn't makeup at all, but nailing the characters' facial expressions, Ballesteros told The Verge. Despite the fact that he doesn't watch Game of Thrones, he said that his favorite lady to emulate was Cersei Lannister, because "she has this evil look, but she's so beautiful. I was doing the duck face with attitude the whole time!"

Ballesteros is currently filming scenes for his starring role in a movie called Die Beautiful, an indie project about a trans woman whose dying wish is to be buried as Lady Gaga.

Here's a behind-the-scenes shot from the film in which Ballesteros is made up to look like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman:

Hi Pretty Woman Trisha! #DieBeautiful #JuliaRoberts

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