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The official Kirby Café looks like the world's most adorable restaurant

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Kirby — the star of Nintendo video games dating all the way back to 1992 — is known for two main things. For one, he's cute, essentially a squishy pink ball with a face. But he also likes to eat: in fact, his main skill is swallowing enemies and absorbing their powers. So it only makes sense that he'd get his own delightful restaurant.

The official Kirby Café isn't actually open yet — there will be two locations in Japan starting next month, in both Osaka and Tokyo — but the restaurant's website shows off a Kirby-themed menu that is just painfully cute. You can get a stack of pancakes featuring Kirby's round face, or a mug of tomato soup that looks just like the health-restoring "maxim tomato" from the games. Afterwards, you can get an ice cream parfait that looks just like the mysterious Meta Knight. The cafes also feature gift shops, where you can get everything from Kirby-themed iPhone cases to neck pillows, and some items on the menu will net you a charming little 2.5-inch-tall figure of Kirby wearing a chef's hat.

As good as the food looks — and seriously, who doesn't want to eat a shrimp curry that looks like Planet Popstar — the real question is what kinds of new skills you can gain from eating it.