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Windows 10 apps start appearing on the Xbox One

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Microsoft is planning to enable Windows 10 apps to run on its Xbox One console very soon, and we're starting to see exactly how they'll work today. Universal apps for Netflix and MSN Weather are both installable on Xbox One consoles running the latest preview software, and Windows Central has spotted a Groove Music update (with background music support) that should be available shortly.

As the new apps are universal, they are very similar in functionality to the same apps available on Windows 10 for desktop PCs. App developers can adapt their applications to fit larger TV displays typically used with an Xbox One, and the controller or Kinect input. While there aren't many third-party Windows 10 apps available on the Xbox One in preview just yet, we're expecting to see a lot more in the Xbox Store once Microsoft starts rolling out the Anniversary Update to consoles over the next two weeks.