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We just saw Nintendo's NES Classic in person and it is glorious

There's a lot of things at San Diego Comic-Con that might make you want to trek across convention centers, hotels, and clamber over legions of fans — but at the top of the list is Nintendo's upcoming NES Classic. We've basically been obsessed with the mini-console since Nintendo announced it a week ago, and at the Nintendo-run "play lounge" here in San Diego we were able to see it in person (and realize that we've been right to be excited this entire time).

Set up next to a full-size NES, the Classic is almost comically small, like looking at a Luke Skywalker action figure right next to Mark Hamill. The width of the entire console seems to come in just under the width of the old-school NES controller. As an impulse gaming purchase or as a little piece of decorative '80s nostalgia, the Classic seems like a no-brainer; just as streamlined and simple as we'd hoped. The downside is that it won't actually be available for purchase until November 11th, when it will go for $59.99. Thankfully, we've got some pictures to share with you in the meantime — and don't forget that retro-tastic commercial, either.

Photos by Vjeran Pavic.

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