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Watch Patrick Stewart profess his love for hardware stores in a beautiful Twitter soliloquy

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Sir Patrick Stewart has the kind of voice that can make anything sound important — Christmas ghostsrubber-faced aliens, and even, apparently, hardware stores. The actor and Starfleet captain tweeted a video paean to the humble hardware store yesterday, standing outside one named Websters, and professing his undying love for the drills, hammers, and other tools that lay just beyond its glass window.

"Look here," Stewart says to the giggling camera operator, waving his hand toward a wall of pliers. "I want it all. In my own home." But then the man perhaps better known as Jean-Luc Picard changes his mind — rather than buy the store's contents, he could buy the store itself. The idea hits him like a flash. "If I could buy this store, have it in my backyard forever. I would be so... happy."

It looks late in the video, and Stewart seems to be slurring his words slightly, but no amount of booze could mask the genuine love the man seems to have for hardware. Twitter users have responded in kind, sending him pictures of their own favorite stores, including a family-run location in Hampshire in the UK that does indeed look wonderful. Perhaps it's something about the smell of a hardware store Stewart loves, of cut wood and garden furniture, or perhaps it's just what they represent: unbridled DIY possibilities. Either way, if Sir Patrick was on the booze before the video was shot, it's certainly the most majestic drunk tweet I've ever seen.