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Blood is everywhere in Fear the Walking Dead's latest trailer

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AMC's spinoff Fear the Walking Dead has shown us what the world looks like as it slowly descends into zombie apocalypse madness — and judging from a new clip, things are about to get even worse. During the show's panel at San Diego Comic-Con today, the crowd was shown the trailer for the second half of the show's current season. It's full of hopelessness and misery, with people sacrificing themselves to zombie hordes, and troubled addict Nick stumbling amongst the dead, covered in blood.

The first season of Fear the Walking Dead was a welcome surprise, carving out its own unique identity with a diverse set of characters and dynamics that felt much more immediate than what the flagship series offers. The first half of the second season wasn't quite as intriguing, but if this trailer is any indication, there's going to be plenty of fresh ground to cover when the show returns on August 21st.

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