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The Walking Dead's new trailer is an excruciating tease for its October return

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Last season The Walking Dead left audiences hanging with one of the most infuriating cliffhangers the show has ever attempted. That strategy is in full effect in this new trailer, revealed today at Comic-Con, that infers just about anyone could end up on the wrong side of Negan's wire-wrapped baseball bat. During the panel, showrunner Scott Gimple also revealed when the show would be returning to presumably answer who he killed: October 23rd.

Most of the focus last season was on the appearance of Negan, a character who's well-known to fans of the comic for having dealt a fatal blow to one particular fan-favorite character. The Walking Dead spent most of last season building up to that reveal, with the season closer ending with Negan executing a member of Rick Grimes' group. But since we're talking about The Walking Dead, the show couldn't just let audiences mourn for a character; it had to turn into a tease, with audiences landing somewhere between outrage and weary resignation by the choice. Of course, the new clip doesn't tell us who didn't make it through alive, but at least we've got something new to analyze in the long wait for the show's return in October.

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