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Apple is selling country-themed Apple Watch bands for the Olympics

Apple is selling country-themed Apple Watch bands for the Olympics


But you can only get them in Brazil

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If you're making a trip to Brazil this year for the Olympics then Apple has a new way for you to show your team colors: country-themed bands for the Apple Watch. As reported by GQ, the limited edition bands will be available for 14 different nations this August, but will only be sold at the Apple Store in Barra da Tijuc, a neighborhood in the west of Rio de Janeiro. The bands are based on the new woven-nylon strap that Apple introduced earlier this year, and cost $49 apiece.

At least one US athlete has already got their hands on one, with sprinter Trayvon Bromell showing off the American band on Twitter. The rest of us will have to make the trip to Brazil if we're keen enough to get one.

The bands all reflect the flags of different countries, and range from the kind-of-boring (Japan, Australia) to the unmistakably patriotic (France) and the very swish indeed (New Zealand). It's all a matter of personal taste though, so take a closer look at the bands for yourself below:

Apple Watch Olympic bands



The bands are as follows: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Great Britain, the USA.