First Click: How long has your current phone lasted?

July 22nd, 2016


I’ve been using the same phone — an iPhone 5S — for nearly two years now, and it works fine. The battery life could be better, and I’m sure a newer model would be a bit faster. But I haven’t been able to justify an upgrade, because it still works.

Eventually, though, I’ll have to make the jump. Maybe the next version of iOS will slow it to a crawl, or perhaps the screen will crack, and I’ll use that as an excuse to upgrade. Or maybe I’ll get addicted to some new, battery-sucking game, like Pokémon Go, that demands a bigger screen or longer battery life. Everything breaks or becomes outdated at some point, and there will come a time when my tolerance starts to wane; I just don’t know when that will be, and I’m not sure how to anticipate it.

Ever-shortening product cycles haven’t done much to ease any of that anxiety. Apple’s release schedule has remained pretty consistent over the years, but in between there are all these shiny new objects, tempting me with promises of longer battery life and faster processors. Deliberating over when to unmoor myself from the comfort of my trusty 5S can be maddening.

That’s why I prefer not to think about it too much. Barring some sort of catastrophe or a truly mind-blowing new iPhone, I probably won’t be changing devices anytime soon. I don’t demand much of my phone — I just want it to run the small number of apps that I use, and to not freeze or break. But that’s just me. What about you? How long have you been with your current phone?

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