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Amelia Krales

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Panorama's VIP launch party kicked off the weekend in style

Celebrating the intersection of music, technology, and the arts

Luminaries from the worlds of music, technology, and fashion came together last night to celebrate the inaugural Panorama weekend at the festival's VIP launch party. With a food selection curated by Eater, a handful of brilliant guest speakers, and breathtaking views of the New York skyline from the Tribeca Rooftop, it was the best possible way to kick off a festival that's going to explore the twin futures of art and technology on a massive scale.

When we weren't busy gazing out over the Hudson River and snacking on incredible Korean dumplings, we asked some of the guests what they want to see, hear, and experience in the future of music. Their answers ran the gamut from lengthy pleas for greater diversity and accessibility to "more cowbell!" When you put them all together, they paint a fascinating picture of an industry that's changing more and more every day.

The Verge has partnered up with the Panorama music, art, and technology festival taking place in New York City this July. We’ll be talking to the artists playing the festival and shaping the future of music in the weeks leading up to the show.

Photos by Amelia Krales
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