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Here’s what you’ll actually be doing in No Man’s Sky

Explore, fight, and trade

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no man's sky

After many delays and a lot of hype, the sci-fi exploration game No Man’s Sky is finally launching next month. But for all we’ve seen of the game since it was announced way back in 2013, it’s still not entirely clear what exactly you’ll be doing while you explore its massive, procedurally generated universe. Thankfully, leading up to the launch developer Hello Games has released a series of trailers that outline some of the specific things you’ll be able to do. They cover everything from how the combat works, to the importance of exploration, to why you’ll want to spend time gathering and trading resources. (There’s also another video the way that focuses on the survival elements of the game.)

The videos are all pretty short, and don’t over explain things; instead they’re more of a tease, showcasing the possibilities that lie within No Man’s Sky’s 18 quintillion planets. If nothing else, it’s a way to hold you over until the game is released on August 9th on both PC and PlayStation 4.