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An important update on this picture of Seth Rogen

An important update on this picture of Seth Rogen

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Every day since May, a Twitter account called @SamePhotoOfSeth has tweeted the same thing:

It’s a still of Seth Rogen inhabiting the "Kim Kardashian" character in a parody video of Kanye West’s "Bound 2" music video.

Here’s the original music video that inspired Seth Rogen to take off his shirt and pretend to be a pretty lady while hanging out with his good friend James Franco:

Here’s an upload of the parody which has 9 million views on YouTube but has the audio track muted because despite the fact that Kim, Kanye, Seth, and James only want to bring joy and happiness to the world, Google and the music labels have decided that we don’t deserve nice things:

Here’s an example tweet from @SamePhotoOfSeth:

Here’s another example from June. Maybe you can spot the similarities:

Just one more, to make sure you’re feeling it:

I don’t know why someone would dedicate their life to tweeting this photo at Seth Rogen every day. But I also can’t think of a single reason not to do this thing.

On June 8th, Seth Rogen finally broke:

And then it happened. The moment @SamePhotoOfSeth, and any parody account probably, is striving for / dreaming of / wishing and praying and hoping for... Seth Rogen retweeted it.

Almost 1,000 retweets! Pretty great result for everybody involved, I’d say. But I don’t check Twitter constantly, so I missed it. Which when you think about it maybe helps explain the consistency and determination of @SamePhotoOfSeth. Twitter is a stream, and we all dip our toes in from time to time, and the rest flows by. How do you create something permanent?

Well, here’s one way:

I at last saw this specific photo of Seth Rogen when he retweeted it again on the 20th:

When I pointed this cool retweet out to my co-workers, they reminded me of another time Seth Rogen tweeted, because apparently The Verge panned Seth Rogen and James Franco’s film The Interview:

Anyway, back to this photo:

The 20th was my birthday! Just like James Franco’s character in The Interview, I was feeling journalistic, so I reached out to @SamePhotoOfSeth for comment:

That sounds about right.