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Classic electronics, copyright lawsuits, and the nerdiest Vergecast on record

Classic electronics, copyright lawsuits, and the nerdiest Vergecast on record


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With a classic cast of Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Paul Miller, and Lauren Goode, we have a very nerdy episode of Vergecast this week. For starters, there’s the news about SoftBank buying chip maker ARM, then the Electric Frontier Foundation filing a lawsuit that takes on anti-circumvention rules. The gang also goes deep into nostalgia with classic consumer electronics.

But we couldn’t leave it at that. Paul interviews our own senior reporter Bryan Bishop, who calls in live from San Diego Comic-Con to tell us what he’s seen so far at the convention. To top it all off, we go into the nerdiest part of the celebrity feud between Kayne West and Taylor Swift, which leads to the cast going through their own note-taking apps.

08:20 – Softbank buys ARM

24:45 – Paul’s "Gadget shhecrets"

29:20 – EFF copyright lawsuit

37:40 – Nostalgia note

44:24 – SDCC interview with Bryan Bishop

56:26 – Taylor Swift / Kanye West / Kim Kardashian feud

1:02:57 – Note app game

And in case you didn't know, we have a whole network of podcasts to listen to. You can find them all in iTunes, Google Play, and now Spotify. They include Ctrl-Walt-Delete with Walt Mossberg and Nilay Patel, which dives deep into tech; Verge ESP with Emily Yoshida and Liz Lopatto, which blurs the lines between science and entertainment; and What's Tech? with Christopher Thomas Plante, which explains technology in layman's terms. You might also want to check out Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher, and Too Embarrassed to Ask hosted by this week's guest Lauren Goode.