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American Gods' first teaser is here

American Gods' first teaser is here

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American Gods, the TV adaption of Neil Gaiman's acclaimed novel, is actually happening. Like for real, really actually happening, after years of being kicked back and forth. And now Starz has put out a first preview of the show. It's a short first look at the show that focuses on the conflict between the deities of traditional religions and so-called new gods, which represent modern society's infatuation with capitalism, technology, media, and drugs.

Bryan Fuller, of Hannibal and Pushing Daisies, is one of the series' showrunners, so there's plenty of reason to keep hopes high here. And at San Diego Comic-Con today, Fuller took the stage with Kristin Chenoweth, where it was announced she'll play the character Easter, a member of the old gods. (Her traditional name in mythology is Ostara, the Germanic goddess of the dawn.) The series is supposed to start next year.

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