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Jawbone's top product executive has left, as company shifts focus

Jawbone's top product executive has left, as company shifts focus


Up and away

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Travis Bogard, a top Jawbone product executive, has parted ways with the company, The Verge has learned. Bogard had been with Jawbone since 2008, first as executive director of product and later on as vice president of product and strategy. Before Jawbone, he worked at Microsoft and was a founding member of AOL's Instant Messenger team. He is now is joining Uber as the global head of Uber's enterprise business.

Bogard's departure from Jawbone, which was founded as an audio technology company named Aliph in 1999, comes at a pivotal time for the company. After a long and successful run as a maker of best-selling Bluetooth audio products, Jawbone began making the UP health and fitness tracking wearable in 2011, but wasn't able to achieve the same success in that area or gain the traction that rival Fitbit has. (Fitbit and Jawbone are also mired in lawsuits right now, but that's literally a whole other story.)

Recently it was reported that Jawbone was looking to sell off its audio business, a report that The Verge has independently confirmed. We've also been told by people familiar with the company's plans that it is currently in the process of testing a new type of technology product that will offer clinical-grade tracking related to heart monitoring, and that it's not a standard fitness tracker. It's unclear whether this technology is something that will be sold directly to consumers; if not, it will signal an even larger shift for Jawbone, from a consumer tech company to one that develops tech for other businesses.

Jawbone declined to comment for this story.