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The solar system prepares for war in the first teaser for The Expanse's second season

The Martian marines aren't sitting this one out


The Expanse is one of the best science fiction shows on the Syfy channel since Battlestar Galactica, and we’ve been excited to see more of the show ever since the end of the first season. The cast and crew gathered at San Diego Comic-Con, where they gave us our first glimpse of what’s to come.

The Syfy channel released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming second season, and it looks amazing. We've already gotten a good look at one of the show's newest characters, Gunnery Sergeant Bobbie Draper, but we get to see what everyone else is up to.

At the end of the first season, the crew of the Rocinante barely escaped with their lives from Eros station, which was targeted with the test of a biological weapon. The action is going to get ramped up: Earth is worried about what the Phoebe incident will do to the rest of the system, while Holden and Miller get ready to invade a space station.

The Expanse's first season adapted most of the first novel of the series, Leviathan Wakes, but left the book's finale for the second season, while elements of the second novel, Caliban's War, are being brought forward a bit.

The second season of The Expanse will air in 2017.