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The first Justice League trailer is here, and it actually looks great

The first Justice League trailer is here, and it actually looks great

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Here at Comic-Con, director Zack Snyder debuted the first trailer for his upcoming film Justice League, and here's the shocker: it actually looks fantastic. The trailer starts with Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne, hunting down Aquaman, presumably putting together the team of warriors that Warner Bros. hopes will be its answer to The Avengers. From there, nearly all the big names get a moment to shine, including Cyborg, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. (Superman himself seems to be missing, for reasons as-of-yet unknown.)

While Man of Steel and its sequel have been largely criticized by their dour, dismal feel, Justice League seems to be taking a cue from Suicide Squad. The tone is airy and light, with each moment played more for laughs than a Snyder-ean portent of inevitable doom. In short, it makes it look like the movie could actually be fun, something that Marvel has perfected with its superhero movies, but DC and Warner Bros. have constantly struggled with. Of course, it's important to remember that Zack Snyder's films often have great trailers, and no place is better suited to hype a comic book crowd than Hall H at Comic-Con... but for the moment, we're actually looking forward to 2017.

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