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Algiers told us they want a robot to scratch their backs at Panorama

James Bareham

Soulful southern rock band Algiers spent some time at The Verge lounge at Panorama yesterday, and we got the once-in-a-festival chance to pick their brains about gadgets and Justin Timberlake. They reminded us the NSA probably already knows everything about them, a health goth meme is always good for a laugh, and they're looking for a nice pair of mesh denim jeans. I'm not sure what those would look like, but the future is always coming!

Live at Panorama! VR with Algiers

Trying VR with the band Algiers at Panorama NYC.

Posted by The Verge on Friday, July 22, 2016

And if this Facebook Live peaked your interest, check out Algiers' video for their track "And When You Fall" below:

Keep it locked to The Verge this weekend for more VR experimentation, behind-the-scenes photos, and live conversations with the musicians who are making Panorama possible.