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James Bareham

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Scenes from Panorama, day one: so hot, but so cool

None of us melted

When we look back at the first day of the inaugural Panorama festival here in New York City, we're going to remember one thing above all else: the heat. On a day when the temperature kept threatening to crack triple digits, the music flying off of each stage was the only thing that could keep the festival's thousands of attendees cool. Major Lazer turned a typically quiet meadow into the site of the city's craziest dance party; Alabama Shakes blasted the crowds with light, sound, and color even as the sun was setting; Arcade Fire brought everyone back to life just as they could've been fading at the end of the night.

The Verge's James Bareham spent the afternoon posted up at the Panorama Stage, where he captured Friday night's biggest names (and the fans who watched them) in all of their sweaty glory. "The dark spaces in New York are always the ones being glorified: basement clubs, dark alleys, deserted subway tunnels," says Bareham. "Shooting the Panorama Stage was special because it brought out a completely different side of the city — the natural, beautiful side you don't see very often."

The Verge has partnered up with the Panorama music, art, and technology festival taking place in New York City this July. We’ll be talking to the artists playing the festival and shaping the future of music in the weeks leading up to the show.

Photos by James Bareham


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