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Tourist told us he wants a world with no emoji at Panorama

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'I feel like technology is such a dangerous intersection'

James Bareham

The Verge is posted up at the Panorama festival in New York City this weekend, which means we're surrounded by musicians — and we got some of them to talk to us. William Phillips, who records ambient electronic jams under the moniker Tourist, stopped by The Verge lounge backstage to talk about texting, emoji, and why he doesn't like Elon Musk. We also talked about how communication has changed over time — Phillips always prefers a phone call over a text, by the way.

@Tourist hangs with The Verge at Panorama NYC

Tourist hangs with The Verge at Panorama NYC

Posted by The Verge on Sunday, July 24, 2016

Keep it locked to The Verge this weekend for more VR experimentation, behind-the-scenes photos, and live conversations with the musicians who are making Panorama possible.