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Prisma is now out on Android

Prisma is now out on Android

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Vlad Savov

Prisma, the sensationally popular iOS photo manipulation app that's been second only to Pokémon Go in terms of summer hype, has now arrived on Android. The Google Play Store has been plagued by sketchy knockoffs of this excellent new app, so it's a welcome relief to have the authentic app now up and running. Prisma's makers say they've ported over all the iOS functionality, so there shouldn't be any difference in user experience or capabilities.

With more than 400 million pictures "prismed" and over 10.6 million installs on iOS, Prisma is arriving on Android having barely been able to sustain its popularity among iPhone users. Many people have complained about the app's unresponsive moments, which were caused by server overload due to the particular cloud-based processing that Prisma uses. This app doesn't apply a filter on images the way that Instagram does, but instead rebuilds your photos by combining them with the style of another image, typically a classical artist's signature look, using some clever AI. The big challenge for Prisma now is to take on the Android influx without succumbing to the pressures of its popularity.

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