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Hillary Clinton's new mobile app offers real-world rewards to her biggest supporters

Hillary Clinton's new mobile app offers real-world rewards to her biggest supporters

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Hillary Clinton might be namedropping Pokémon Go on the campaign trail, but she'll also be hoping her supporters have some smartphone battery left for another app — her own. Clinton supporters Hillary for America launched Hillary 2016 on the App Store last night, an app that offers daily challenges and quizzes to Clinton supporters, as well as providing digital and physical rewards to volunteers who help organize and canvas for the Democratic candidate.

Supporters can get autographs

Users can open their own digital headquarters and change its design and layout, moving desks, chairs, and giant American flags around ahead of the election in November. Clinton supporters will be able to compete against each other at local, state, and national levels to gauge who's working hardest for Hillary, with scores increased by activities like signing up to receive texts from Hillary's campaign. Get enough stars and you'll also be able to get physical rewards, like having something signed and sent to you by Clinton herself.

The app also calls out Trump in a way that Clinton's campaign often hasn't. On the trail, Clinton has focused on the positive things she could do for the United States, but in her app, she's presented as the only defense against a Republican president. "The only thing standing between Donald Trump and the presidency is us," the app's description reads, calling players to "make history" by downloading and canvassing for Hillary. But just like the US is split into red and blue states, Hillary 2016 also splits its supporters — the app's only out on iOS, with an Android version still in development.