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Google Maps is testing a Wi-Fi-only mode to help users save data

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If you tell Google you like it enough they might give it to everybody

Google has begun testing a new feature in its Maps app that would only allow data to be downloaded via a Wi-Fi connection, according to TechCrunch. The feature is meant to help users with limited data plans.

Select users can find the mode in the Maps settings menu in place of the "Offline areas" option. When enabled, the app warns that a small amount of cellular data may still be used, but significantly less than usual. The switch essentially cuts Maps off from cellular data, only loading new information over Wi-Fi, working similarly to the "Use Cellular Data for" switches in iOS’ own Settings app.

The new feature should be useful in publicly connected areas like New York City, where super fast free Wi-Fi hubs began popping up earlier this year.

Google hasn’t formally announced the new feature, but in an email to The Verge the company has confirmed it’s being tested. Google says the feature may roll out more broadly in the future depending on user feedback.