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If you could only have a mug or a donut, which would you choose?

If you could only have a mug or a donut, which would you choose?

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On one hand, the donut in this combo looks delicious. The decision to only sprinkle half the donut implies culinary expertise, because while tasty, sprinkles can quickly overpower chocolate icing. I give this donut a tentative 9.5 / 10. I say tentative because I’m going purely off looks here; I still need to taste the donut.

On the other hand, that mug looks built to last. On my enjoyment graph, the donut spikes quickly before sinking like a stone in the river of my heart. But a mug, it’s got real growth potential. If the mug becomes part of my morning routine, I might build an emotional attachment. Who has ever had an emotional attachment with a donut? Nobody I know. (Copy Editor's Note: Me. I have.)

You know, frankly, I'm torn. The mug’s open mouth would always remind me of the donut I never had. And the donut would make me thirsty for a sip of hot coffee from my absent mug. Is it better to have eaten a donut and lost a mug, or kept a mug and regretted the donut you never ate? Something to really chew on / drink from as you answer this important poll.


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