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How to catch Pikachu or Charmander in London easily

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I've spent the past couple of weeks wandering around London catching pokémon. If there's one thing that I've learned it's that there are far too many annoying Zubats, Pidgeys, and Drowzees. They're great for evolving for XP, but I still haven't caught a Charmander or a Pikachu. Help is at hand, though.

I've started using a mapping tool for finding pokémon. Some might think it's cheating, but PokéVision has been very reliable at pointing out monsters nearby me. I even managed to catch a Gyarados thanks to the tool. One thing I've noticed is that certain pokémon spawn in bunches together. In Greenwich Park in London it's always Squirtle, and elsewhere you can find batches of Pikachu or Charmander.

Holland Park is the best place to catch Charmander. As I write this, I can see six Charmander just sitting in Holland Park waiting to be captured. If you spend enough time there, you could easily evolve it into a Charizard. Likewise, Haven Green Park by Ealing Broadway station has bunches of Pikachu. Sometimes there's just one, but at other times around three spawn at once.

pikachu london

charmander london

I'm sure there are similar spawn points across the world where you can find bunches of rare pokémon. If you know of any then feel free to drop a link and location in the comments section so we can catch 'em all.