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Watch tonight's Mr. Robot Digital After Show with guest Kor Adana at 11:28PM ET!

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It's almost time again for the official Mr. Robot Digital After Show hosted by The Verge, and we hope you'll join us tonight at 11:28PM ET as we recap episode 4 and chat with Mr. Robot writer and Technology Producer Kor Adana. In tonight's episode we'll see Elliot grow closer to Ray, hoping he can challenge Mr. Robot, Dom making a discovery, and Darlene trying to deal with both the FBI and the Dark Army.

Mr. Robot airs Wednesday night at 10PM ET, and you can watch the Mr. Robot Digital After Show right after by tuning in to the Ustream channel above. We also encourage you to chat in #vcorp: our IRC channel. The after show is hosted by The Verge's own Nilay Patel, Emily Yoshida, and Russell Brandom, who will break down each episode, and take questions and comments from fans on Twitter and our chat room.

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Disclosure: NBC Universal, owner of USA Network, is an investor in Vox Media, ​The Verge’s parent company. Additionally, we are an independent editorial partner in the Mr. Robot Digital After Show hosted by The Verge.