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Starz is making an American version of the UK's Peep Show

Starz is making an American version of the UK's Peep Show

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Peep Show, the weird, cynical British comedy starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb, will return in a new form on American TV. Variety reports that Starz is developing an American version of the show stateside. Like the US version of The Office, Starz's Peep Show will be an entirely different series than the one that ran for nine seasons on the UK's Channel 4. But the tone will likely be similar: Peep Show's original creators, Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, will serve as consulting producers for the new version, according to Variety. Eli Jorne (Wilfred, Blunt Talk) will executive produce.

"We are hugely relieved to hand over the responsibility of coming up with the dark and twisted thoughts of two terrible men to the extremely funny, dark and twisted Eli Jorne," Bain and Armstrong said in a statement.

The (very, very funny) original series starred Mitchell as Mark Corrigan, a conservative, anxious rule-follower, and Webb as Jeremy, a sensitive slacker who never really seemed to have a job. They were roommates, and friends in the forced way people who spend a lot of time together often find themselves. Peep Show ran in the UK from 2003 to 2015 — it was great.