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Self-proclaimed socialist who owns sets price at $90,000

Self-proclaimed socialist who owns sets price at $90,000

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Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

For a self-proclaimed socialist, Jeremy Peter "Pegg" Green knows how to game capitalism. The New York-licensed attorney and artist purchased the domain for $8 in 2011, according to a report from CNN Money, and is willing to sell it to the Democratic nominee for president. It won’t be cheap, though. Pegg has set the price at $90,000.

As Donald Trump might say, the markup is yuge.

Pegg, who originally supported Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, currently uses the site to host "Hillary Potter" comics, an election-tinged Harry Potter parody. Bizarrely enough, the webcomic is also Pegg’s trademark claim. According to him, the domain doesn’t contain Hillary Clinton’s trademark, because was his fan fiction brand before Clinton announced her running mate.

Pegg tells The Verge that the comic has been running for a month, and its chapters span a number of his domains, including,, and of course Though Pegg may change the main site’s topic should the Clinton camp not meet his demands.

"I'm kind of helping the campaign by making Donald Trump Voldemort," Pegg tells CNN Money. "I'm going to stop giving them free advertising and may have to do something embarrassing." Though it's not all bad news for Clinton. "I am a socialist and I support Bernie's movement," Pegg tells The Verge, "but I also support Clinton's candidacy in the general election."

However, Pegg tells The Verge, he "will not hand over the hand over the domain as a campaign donation." When we contacted the entrepreneurial attorney, neither the Clinton or Trump campaigns had contacted him to purchase the site. wouldn’t be Pegg’s first sale. Last year, he sold and for $1,500. And while never sold, Pegg is proud of what he made of it: a raunchy food blog on theme with the internet-spun definition for that politician’s last name.