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For real, Ford has revolutionized the cupholder

For real, Ford has revolutionized the cupholder

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There are a lot of places you might expect Ford to innovate and improve in its Super Duty pickup truck. Things like increasing the towing capacity or torque, or stuffing the thing full of cameras to make backing up easier. Forget all that.

The biggest innovation in the 2017 Super Duty is this incredible quad-barreled cupholder.

You might think, like I did, that the cupholder was pretty much as good as it was gonna get. You take your coffee or Red Bull or Fresca or whatever and you put it in the cupholder. But what if, instead of having one drink for you and another for your co-pilot, you have four drinks in your enormous pickup truck? What do you do then? Put them on the floor and let them roll around and get everywhere? Hell no, Ford says.

That’s because those geniuses up in Dearborn have invented the Multiple Container Holder Assembly. US patent number 8,939,491. In the massive center console in the new 2017 Super Duty, there are a pair of cupholders plus an enormous chasm for putting things. But if, instead of a place to put things, you desire a place to put more drinks, a magical cup-holder thingy slides over and locks into place, giving you twice as many drink holders. With the Multiple Container Holder Assembly activated, there are a total of ten cupholders in the four-door SuperCrew Super Duty pickup. That’s in a vehicle with only five seats. You do the math.

The 2017 Ford Super Duty will be available this fall.


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