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Donald Trump actually used a laptop for his Reddit AMA

Donald Trump actually used a laptop for his Reddit AMA

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Donald Trump's short and inoffensive "ask me anything" session on Reddit this evening didn't give much of an insight into the extravagantly coiffed man who could be US president, but thanks to a photo posted to his official Facebook page, we get to see just what he was up to when he was answering tonight's questions.

Specifically — sitting on a plane and seemingly typing his answers with one hand. It's the same hand that seems to have a mind of its own during Trump's speeches, pointing, waving, and otherwise flitting about as its owner makes his points, and it, combined with Trump's expression of mild confusion, makes the pose look a little awkward.

The image is one of the rare times we've actually got to see Trump near a laptop — or a computer of any kind. According to a New York Times profile earlier this year, the business celebrity turned presidential candidate doesn't even keep a laptop in his office, calling for one to be brought in specifically when there's a video or an article he needs to see or read. Emails are also printed and presented to the candidate, rather than read on-screen.

But that doesn't mean the 70-year-old Trump is a total technophobe: the NYT says he does actually write his own tweets, dictating them to staffers, or tapping them out on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Perhaps that explains why he's writing Reddit replies one-handed — he's more comfortable typing on a phone screen — or maybe he's just giving his MacBook a sneak preview of his next rally speech.