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LG’s V10 successor is coming soon

LG’s V10 successor is coming soon

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LG V10

LG’s G5 misstep has been a drag on the Korean company’s finances this year, and so its latest earnings report chooses to draw attention elsewhere: toward a new V series device coming in the next quarter. Recording a $132 million operating loss from its mobile division over the past three months, LG says it has met with "increased marketing expenditures and somewhat slow initial sales of G5 smartphone." The company did improve its total phone shipments by 3 percent, and it hopes that its upcoming launch of "the new V series" and a number of of mass-market devices will help right the ship.

The V10 was one of last year’s big revelations, impressing with an excellent camera, a typically awesome LG display, and awesome audio. It had a couple of gimmicks and was rather enormous, but it was definitely one of the better Android devices of the year. Many had hoped the G5 would be a more refined version of the V10, however LG opted for the more audacious attempt at creating a modular flagship with the G5. There’s no indication yet about where LG will go with its next V series phone, though the company has already promised to have two flagships this year, so it stands to reason that we can expect high-end specifications and performance once more.

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