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Tumblr will allow users to make money from ads

Tumblr will allow users to make money from ads



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Tumblr this week announced that it will roll out ads across all of its blogs, in a bid to increase revenue from the Yahoo-owned site. The ads will begin appearing on Thursday, though users will at first not receive a cut of the revenue. In a blog post published this week, Tumblr said that it is still working out the details of the program, and that a revenue split will be introduced at some point in the future. TechCrunch first reported on the program on Wednesday.

The announcement comes after Verizon announced that it agreed to buy Yahoo for $4.83 billion. Yahoo acquired Tumblr in 2013 for $1.1 billion, though the site has struggled to generate revenue. Earlier this year, Yahoo wrote down the value of Tumblr by $230 million.

"This was a long time coming."

The ads announced this week will be displayed by default, though users can opt out of the program under Tumblr's settings menu. As TechCrunch reports, the campaign appears to be an extension of Tumblr's Creatrs program, which connects artists with brands. Users will have to sign up to the program to receive a cut of the revenue, though it is not yet clear when it will launch.

"This was a long time coming, and will be one of the biggest projects we’ve ever launched at Tumblr," Tumblr founder David Karp said in a blog post. "It’s been a busy summer — a new GIF maker, live video, new messaging stuff — and there’s a whole lot more on the way."