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Jaunt's new VR film series explores e-sports tournaments

Jaunt, one of the bigger names in virtual reality filmmaking right now, has partnered with the e-sports league ESL to film a series of short 360-degree documentaries about its biggest tournaments. The first of those documentaries is called CLG: Win Everythin’ (typo intentional) and follows the team Counter Logic Gaming during a League of Legends competition. The documentary is just over five minutes long and is available now through Jaunt's apps and on the web (you can see it in the embed above).

Jaunt didn't provide a timeline for when additional films would arrive, nor who they'd be featuring. But it did announce plans to focus on "all" of ESL's Extreme Masters tournaments — the next of which begins today in Shanghai. It's a logical pairing for Jaunt, as gamers are likely to be early adopters of VR headsets. By focusing on e-sports, Jaunt may be able to convince gamers to give its app a try and ultimately see what else it has to offer.