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Hyperloop One has begun producing parts for a full-scale prototype

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Hyperloop One wants to focus on the factory, not the lawsuit

Hyperloop One is celebrating the grand opening of what it calls "the world’s first Hyperloop factory," just two weeks after one of its co-founders filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming, among other things, that a noose was left on his desk. The lawsuit includes a number of potentially damning allegations against the company and its leadership, and it was followed by a countersuit from the current management with equally aggressive claims.

It all means that the timing couldn’t be better for some good news like the opening of the new factory. Other than management controversy, Hyperloop One seems to be the Hyperloop company with the most momentum behind it, thanks to its considerable funding lead, and the head start of being the first company to begin testing their prototypes.

Hyperloop One wants to focus on the factory, not the lawsuits

Metalworks also features a bunch of cool machines like the Flow waterjet cutters, which it says can cut any shape at a speed of 36 meters per minute with accuracy of up to 1/1000th of an inch, which should be especially useful for making super high-tech symbols for the founders to threaten each other with.

Hyperloop One recently published a report claiming its technology can move people from Helsinki to Stockholm in under 30 minutes, and that the cost of the infrastructure would be half as much as high-speed rail over the same area. Hyperloop One’s announcement comes just as Tesla is expected to reveal its Gigafactory (also in Nevada) on July 29th.