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UberCentral lets businesses arrange Uber rides for their customers

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No Uber app required for passengers

Uber has launched a new service called UberCentral that lets business request door-to-door rides for their clients / customers. The people going in the backseat don't need an Uber account at all; they don't even need the app installed. Instead, this is meant to position Uber as an indispensable convenience for any number of business that frequently transport customers to and fro. And like the rapidly expanding UberEats, it's yet another offering built on top of Uber's core business.

You've got your obvious examples like hotels and car dealerships or repair shops, sure, but the company also sees UberCentral as a useful tool for senior centers and high-brow retailers. UberCentral runs on Android / iOS tablets, and can also be accessed from web browsers. When it comes time for the ride, customers receive an SMS with their driver's information and a live map showing the Uber's location. The new service is available starting today in the US and Canada and will likely expand to the company's other markets before long.