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The official Magikarp music video is an anthem for lovable losers

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Magikarp is the most useless of all pokémon — that's not me talking, that's science. It can do almost nothing aside from flop around like, well, a fish out of water. But its seemingly hopeless existence somehow makes it even more endearing, and this new official music video really drives that point home. Called "I Love Magikarp," the song features a Japanese child singing about just how weak Magikarp is. Here's the chorus:

Weak pokémon, Magikarp

The weakest thing in the world

Weak pokémon, Magikarp

So weak that it's actually shocking

It's not quite as catchy as Slowpoke's reggae song, but it does really get at the heart of what makes Magikarp such a great pokémon. It's weak and useless, but you'll love it anyways. And if you're patient, it turns into something incredible.