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AT&T raises U-verse internet data cap to 1TB, gigabit users get unlimited

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AT&T is matching Comcast and raising the ceiling of its monthly home internet data cap to 1TB. Beginning August 21st, all U-verse customers on speed tiers up to (and including) 300Mbps will receive the higher monthly allowance. If they somehow still manage to exceed 1TB, they'll be charged $10 for each additional increment of 50GB.

Currently, customers on U-verse's lower speed tiers are limited to an allowance of 300GB / month, so this change gives those users a lot more to work with. It's also nearly twice the 600GB data cap that currently applies to people on tiers between 12Mbps and 75Mbps.

And if you're on AT&T's luxurious GigaPower 1Gbps plan, you'll no longer have to worry about any data allowances at all; all of those customers will be moved to unlimited home internet data on August 21st. Until now, they've been limited to using 1TB before the $10 overage fee kicks in. Unlimited internet usage is also available to customers paying for both U-verse internet and either DirecTV or U-verse TV on the same bill. Everyone else can pay $30 each month (on top of their regular bill) for the unlimited option. AT&T will notify customers of the upcoming changes beginning today.