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Steam is holding its first big VR weekend sale

Steam is holding its first big VR weekend sale

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Amelia Krales

If you own a virtual reality headset, Valve is holding a sale that showcases games and experiences for it. The VR Weekend Sale isn’t the first time Valve has discounted games for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive — a number of them showed up in the big summer sale — but it’s the first time that it’s based a whole weekend sale purely around VR.

The centerpiece of the sale is a 20-game bundle that’s discounted by 32 percent, to $251.42. It includes some HTC Vive favorites, like arcade shooter Space Pirate Trainer, adorable airport management simulator Final Approach, and survival horror game The Brookhaven Experiment. There are also a couple of Oculus Rift titles, including the well-reviewed House of the Dying Sun, which can also be played on a flat screen.

If you’re not ready to spend $250, there are also significant discounts on individual titles like the excellent Selfie Tennis, horoscope experience Kismet, and weird physics experiment Blarp. The whole sales list is here; they’ll run until Monday at 1PM ET.