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SwiftKey bug leaked emails and other personal information

SwiftKey bug leaked emails and other personal information

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Reddit user JawaharlaNehru

People use SwiftKey because it helps predict the words they’re trying to type, and usually, the service works pretty well. However, over the past week, some users reported that their keyboards were populating with other people’s email addresses and searched phrases. The bug relates back to SwiftKey’s cloud sync service, which has since been suspended.

The incorrect predictions spawned multiple Reddit threads. In one, an English speaker was getting someone else’s German suggestions; in another, someone received NSFW porn search suggestions.

Following user reports, SwiftKey took syncing and backups down. The company released an official statement today that doesn't detail the bug but clarifies that it "did not pose a security issue." SwiftKey said it’ll continue to update its blog as more information is released.