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This cosplay video is the cure for your post-Comic-Con blues

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Tons of great cosplay videos pop up after every major comic and anime convention, but some of the absolute best come from Sneaky Zebra. They’ve put together some amazing videos over the last couple of years, and their latest is a great mix of choreographed camera work and poses from last weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con. Set to Allen Stone’s The Weekend, it’s just what we need to satisfy the post-con blues.

What’s particularly awesome about this video is the incredible mix of costumes, some from yet-to-be-released movies to classic TV shows. We spied Doctor Strange, Rey, Wonder Woman, Negan, and characters from classics such as The Fifth Element, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, and Xena: The Warrior Princes. Like any good con, there’s also some amazing mashup costumes such as Joker-Trump and McDonalds-Thor.

It's definitely making us wish that we were back on the con floor. In the meantime, we'll start thinking up of our next great mashup costume.