Which should one get first to go with a 1080ti/Titan X card? 4K display or Occulus/Vive?


Hey all,

It's all pretty much in the subject line. Have a line of credit and have a new build coming up and am probably going 1080ti when/if it debuts, but if that doesn't come out this cycle as some believe and the Titan X benches support true 4K gaming, then I might bite the bullet on that.

Trying to decide when I get the card and build if I should get a 65" size 4K display to replace my Kuro and do some PC couch gaming with that; as I've got a 17" 4K display in my laptop and a 34" 3440x1440 21:9 display as my main PC gaming display. so I don't think I'll see the benefits without a true home theater size screen. And tbh, I really want OLED. So, if one was to decide by expense, the choice is obvious. A $800 VR kit is a no brainer over a $3-$5K display.

As for VR, I'll get it eventually. But tbh, there's not really any titles grabbing me and I've already got a GearVR so I'd only be buying it to play Elite Dangerous in VR.

But if expense wasn't a factor and it was just about which you'd get more use and enjoyment out of the money spent, which would you go?

I guess I know I'm leaning more towards 4K, but because of the expense, I'm looking to be talked into why I should wait and go VR instead. Lol


Reticulating poll splines...