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Google celebrates NASA's Juno mission success with animated Doodle

NASA's Juno spacecraft has only just arrived in its intended orbit around Jupiter, but Google has already congratulated the space agency, through the means of Google Doodle. The animated image shows a pixelated version of NASA's ground crew jumping for joy as Juno — forming the second O in "Google" — beams back happy little emoji from around our solar system's largest planet.

Click the GIF and you can track the mission's progress, beginning with its launch back in 2011, all the way up to its approach to Jupiter over the past few weeks, and its arrival in a highly elliptical orbit today. NASA scientists had to thread the needle with Juno, guiding it through dangerous patches of debris and radiation around the gas giant, but everything so far seems to be in order. The spacecraft was launched to find out more about Jupiter, but we won't know the juiciest details until the end of its 53-day orbit, as Juno swings in close to the planet to work out if it does indeed have a rocky core.