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Microsoft is adding a wheelchair option for its Xbox avatars

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Mike Ybarra (Twitter)

Microsoft is adding wheelchair options for its Xbox avatars, as well as what look like some visual tweaks. Phil Spencer, the company's Xbox head, confirmed that the wheelchair additions were not "far off," after responding to a question on the subject on Twitter. The company's Mike Ybarra then tweeted a "sneak peek" of the update showing two avatars using distinctly Xbox-themed wheelchairs:

The facial features of the two avatars also appear to be more detailed than those of previous models, suggesting that there are other visual updates on the way. Microsoft first introduced its avatars on the Xbox 360 in 2008, steadily adding more customization options, including branded content from games and companies. It's not clear when the next update for the avatars will be available, but the Xbox itself will be getting its next big update with the release of a new slim version in August.