What kind of dream car can you get for 50K / 100K?


I have a hard time figuring out the point of this article beyond the pubescant fantasy of owning a sportscar for a completely random figure.

First of all, it's a completely random number. Why 50K, and not 60K? Inflation goes up with the years, so more money buys you less. Purchasing power goes up too, so the same 50K is relatively less to someone than it was ten years ago.

Second, the author already points out cars have never been this good. If you can buy a great car for 20K, you can buy an even better car for 40K. It's all relative.

Thirdly, why is the author focussing so much on Retail price. If 58K is too much for you, wait a year and buy that very same car for less than 50K.

And finally, the one that actually made me make this post: this article invites readers to price out their own dream car, but then has the comment section diabled. This has me scratching the back of my head.

What actually matters most is what you can afford, and how you can make that happen. That seems the more interesting and relevant question to me?